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Standard Size Calf Branding Cradle

The standard Morrissey calf branding cradle weighs 65 kg.

It can be fitted with either Morrissey catch and spear OR the ratchet style Meng latch. It can also be fitted with a leaf spring.

The "Morrissey" Calf Frame is mounted at the end of a race.

It is recommended that a cement block, or slab, be used to bolt it down; or it can be bolted to any firmly positioned log or rail having a flat surface of 3" or wider and located to allow the four holding down bolts, or coach screws, to be in a line approximately 15" from the fence.

An old motor tyre should be used on the ground to break the fall of the calf.


As the calf comes through the race into the frame, the side nearest the operator is pushed in tight to grip the calf. This operation is done entirely from the one side and does not require the operator to reach across the cradle when catching the calf as is necessary with some of the older type cradles. The cradle can be fitted with either the Morrissey Catch & Spear or Meng latch.

The Morrissey Catch grips the self-locating spear in the exact position required. This is done by an electrically hardened knurled cam gripping the solid steel spear. The Meng latch is a ratchet style latch. The teeth are on the top of the spear. This avoids damage to the calf's back. The tongue on the catch is shaped the same as the teeth on the spear for easy release.

The frame with the calf in it is dropped to the ground - the old tyre breaking the fall. The frame can now be tightened to give a perfect fit on the calf.

The patent catch can be tightened every fraction. The calf is securely held for marking, ear marking, inoculations, branding and dehorning; the frame is open for branding on any position of the exposed side.

When the job is completed, the top half of the frame is released by the simple automatic quick release and thrown open to allow the calf to get up and move off.

This obviates lifting the calf and frame into the upright position to release the calf. The lower half of the frame is then lifted upright and the self locating spear enters the catch and is in position for the next calf.

Standard Size Calf Branding Cradle Standard Cradle ~ Meng Latch Standard cradle with lift assist

Above: (Left) Standard calf cradle with the Morrissey latch and (Centre) the standard calf cradle with the Meng latch

(Right) Cradles can be fitted with a "lift assist spring" to help lift the bottom section of the cradle back up after the calf has been released.

Please advise branding side when ordering.

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