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Hydraulic Branding Cradle

The Hydraulic Cradle works on same principle as the well known manual cradle which has been on the market for 65 years.

Morrissey & Co Hydraulic Branding CradleIt is as quick, efficient and reliable as the manual cradle, but reduces the hard, physical labour.

The standard hydraulic cradle is slightly larger and made from much heavier materials than the manual calf cradle. It is suitable for branding cattle ranging from the small calf to the weaner size.

The hydraulic cradle comes complete with its motor and all hydraulics. This hydraulic system allows you to have complete control of the pressure of the cradle. When unpacked, the motor can be sat on the base of the cradle. The standard size hydraulic cradle then fits on the tray of a standard utility. This allows ease of transport and movement between yard situations.

There is also the option to fit a head rest or fork lift assist to both the standard and weaner hydraulic cradle.


Morrissey & Co Hydraulic Branding CradleMorrissey & Co Hydraulic Branding CradleMorrissey & Co Hydraulic Branding Cradle






Below: Choose either the Standard Hydraulic Cradle or the larger Weaner Hydraulic Cradle. The Weaner Hydraulic Cradle is much larger as shown, and not suitable for small calves. It is shown with head support and fork assist options.





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