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" A lot safer and easier on the operator..."

Morrissey Hot Dipped Galvanised Portable Cradle and Race

(King Island, Tasmania) ... It’s a beautiful sunny day here for the start of calf marking.  Today is a little warm-up, starting at Livardi yards on calves out of mature breeders with a new Morrissey portable cradle and race – Hot Dipped Galvanised.

This will be the first year where we will not be marking in the crush and main race at Livardi and Longford yards – a lot safer and easier on the operator. As you can see from the photo, the new cradle sits on the ground therefore reducing the risk of injury to the worker unlike the table type cradle that we used in the past.

Tas (Ian) Loane - KIA Manager, Sustainable Agriculture Fund , AgCAP Pty Ltd, Sustainable Investment in Australian Agriculture

"Of the highest quality..."

The Anderson family has been in the beef industry for more than 40 years.

In the early days, we tried many different brands and cradles. However, during the last decade we settled for the Morrissey products. The brands are of the highest quality and the calf cradles most practical. The present drought has forced us to depasture our cattle over three states. This has necessitated the purchase of extra Morrissey products. The ease of purchase and the speed of arrival of these new products, including brands, has been very impressive. Morrissey & Co continues to prove that old fashioned personal service and quality not only survive but also thrive in today's business environment.

Noel Anderson, Nobar Nominees Pty Ltd, Huckitta (NT), Westeron & Onoto (Qld) Stations

"Strong, easy to handle and the best the market has to offer"

Anna Creek Station, covering 24000 sq km, have used Morrissey calf cradles and branding irons for many years.

I have found that they are strong, easy to handle and the best the market has to offer. We highly recommend the Morrissey cattle handling and branding equipment. We have found the company to be very helpful in discussing each individual purchase.

Randall Crozier, Manager, Anna Creek Station (SA)

"we only associate our business with quality products"

For me, Morrissey & Co means quality in calf cradles and races. We present three calf cradles a year for our Champion Weaners and Champion Females, a prize that is easily recognized in the industry. We wouldn’t use any other brand of cradle as we only associate our business with quality products. On a personal level we use Morrissey & Co cradles and races for all of our calf husbandry to ensure minimal stress and minimal interruption at branding time. I wouldn’t use anything else.

Lance Whitaker, Burnett Livestock & Realty, Biggenden Saleyards

"Durable and serviceable ..."

I have been involved in the Purchasing Department of Kidman Holdings Ltd since 1988 and we have been buying Morrissey calf cradles exclusively during that period.

I believe they would have been used on the stations for 20 years and we have found them durable and serviceable for calf handling on a large scale.

Stuart Prideaux, Kidman Holdings Ltd

"319,000 weaners branded in the cradles..."

I have been manager of Alexandria Station for 12 years and have used Morrissey brands and branding cradles during that time.

All calves branded end up going through a Morrissey weaner cradle and in the previous 11 years 288784 weaners have been through the cradles. With an estimated 30000 to brand this year, (2002), some 319000 weaners would have worn out four branding cradles. Their products are built to last.

Ross Peatling, The North Australian Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Alexandria Station (NT)

"Over 20,000 head branded in the last year"

We branded over 20,000 head of cattle last year with Morrissey & Co branding equipment and calf cradles.

We have come to rely on the durability of the Morrissey equipment over the years.

Brett Krafft, Group Manager, Consolidated Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Newcastle Waters Station (NT)


"A recommendation from RM (Reg) Williams ..."

I have used the Morrissey calf cradles for many years now. First on my property "Rockybar" in Central Queensland and now on my property "Rainbow" near Rolleston.

I thoroughly recommend them for their quality and style.

R.M Williams, Hodgsonvale (QLD)


"Robust and reliable"

We have used and installed Morrissey branding cradles for the past thirty years.

We find them robust and reliable. We are now progressively installing Morrissey headbails for the same reasons.

Mr David Brook, Brook Properties, Birdsville


"Up to 920 calves branded in a single day"

We have been using the heavy duty Morrissey calf cradles and weaner cradle fitted with the Meng latch.

The strength and reliability of Morrissey equipment back up our team, enabling results of up to 920 calves branded in a single day.

Graham Cruickshank, Manager, GoGo Station, Fitzroy Crossing (WA)


"well built and effective"

We have been using Morrissey products for over 30 years and have always been more than happy with them.

We purchased a weaner cradle recently and find it well built and effective. We would recommend the products to anyone.

Peter Hacon, "Granada" Cloncurry (Qld)


"workmanship has excelled in quality and performance"

Wesfarmers Landmark have been selling Morrissey & Co products for 7 years in the Northern Territory.

The workmanship has excelled in quality and performance. Brands are well made, as are all the products. It shows what years of experience can produce.

Dennis Milde, Merchandising Manager, Wesfarmers Landmark (NT)

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