Branding Cradles

The original Calf Cradle, Heavy Duty Cradle, Weaner Cradle and Hydraulic Cradle

Photo 1 - Standard_Calf_Cradle (2)
Calf Branding Cradle (Standard Size)

If you’ve heard of Morrissey & Co, you know our popular Calf Branding Cradle. The original and the best, our calf cradle was invented by owner, Sean Morrissey’s grandfather some 70 years ago.

Our tough but lightweight cradle can be fitted with a Morrissey catch and spear or the ratchet-style Meng latch. You may also opt to have a lift assist spring fitted.

Photo 2 - Heavy_Duty_Calf_Cradle (2)
Heavy Duty Cradle (Standard Size)

Made with the same dimensions as our Calf Branding Cradle, our Heavy Duty model is reinforced for the continual branding of heavier, larger calves. It’s fitted with a neck bar to stop the calf lifting its head and jumping upwards.

You can have your cradle fitted with a Morrissey catch and spear or the ratchet-style Meng latch. There’s also the option of the lift assist spring, so the lower part of the cradle springs back into place easily after the calf is released.

Weaner Cradle

Our Weaner Cradle is a heavy duty cradle, that is 10% larger than our standard size cradle and is designed for use with larger weaner calves. It’s not suitable for smaller calves.

You may choose to have your Weaner Cradle fitted with a Morrissey catch and spear or the ratchet-style Meng latch. And we suggest opting for a dual lift spring assembly, so the cradle is easier to use.

Hydraulic Branding Cradles

Standard Calf Size Hydraulic Branding Cradle

Cleverly designed like our manual cradles, but equipped with motor and hydraulic system, our Hydraulic Branding Cradle reduces the need for hard, physical labour.

Made from heavier materials and slightly larger than the manual model, it’s designed for small calves to weaners.

Weaner Hydraulic Branding Cradle

Our larger weaner hydraulic cradle has all of the same features as the standard size, however it is a heavy duty unit. It is taller, larger and reinforced, and used for processing the larger weaners. It is however, not suitable for use with smaller calves.

Optional Extras are available

  • Head Support
  • Fork Lift Assist - (to move cradle)
  • Longer Hoses and
  • Mesh on lay down area

Both units come complete with your choice of either a Petrol, Diesel or Electric Motor, and can be customised to suit your needs.

Mounting Attachments
for Cradles

Mounting Attachment

Pegged into the ground for a temporary solution or bolted into cement in a permanent position, our mounting attachment is designed as a mounting frame for the cradle.

Made for Standard and Heavy Duty Calf Cradles as well as Weaner Cradles, we also offer a mounting attachment,which allows the different size cradles to be easily interchanged.

Galvanised Equipment

Cradles & races are available in galvanised or hot dipped steel upon request. Please get in touch with our helpful staff to find out more.

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